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McLean County School District - Normal, IL



McLean County started it all for the state of Illinois.  We contracted to do 6 schools in 3 years from 2006 - 2008.  Word of mouth spread and other districts wanted the same system that saved the district hundreds of thousands in installation costs and tens of thousands each year in energy costs.


To date, over 70 schools have put in the Bard Qtec system through out the state.  Read more about McLean County here.

Shelter Works Inc. - St. Louis, MO




All four buildings are protecting electrical equipment needed for the expansion of the facility. Because of the ambient heat (as well as the heat generated by the equipment that is enclosed in a cabinet), this equipment can quickly burn up.  To prevent this, two large Bard air-conditioning units, weighing approx.. 355 lbs each, were installed in each building.


McMinn Geothermal Solutions - Patton, MO




Carlos McMinn needed a new HVAC system for his church.  Taking advantage of the tax credits offered, he installed a new Bard Geotec geothermal heat pump.  Utilizing the tax credit with his electric cooperative, He was able to buy a 6 ton Bard system for a net of $800.   

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